Geni connect by using oauth in PHP

Geni is a genealogy and social networking website. You can easily build family tree and make a poster by various theme.

Step1 : Create Geni APP

Find the Geni Developer Dashboard and click "New application" link.


Good! Get relax! You have created Geni App and note down the APP Id and secret key. Download the source code and edit the following configurations.

Step 2: Include socialmedia_oauth_connect.php in geni.php

include "socialmedia_oauth_connect.php

Step 3: Alter the below configuration in geni.php

$oauth->client_id = "QJYesAAPXPv2MFC9ycBf1jh65eZc12ATXLP3fJgj";
$oauth->client_secret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
$oauth->redirect_uri  ="";

Step 4: Scope definition


That's all! Now you can load the page in browser and fetch the result.



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